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Welcome to Heilongjiang International University, a diverse and vibrant place of learning located in one of the most exciting cities in China. Giving students and society what is needed most is our guiding principle and inspired HIU ever since it’s establishment.


HIU is dedicated to the pursuit of applied global education that contributes to the development of our society. It is has been our guiding principle and continues to light the way to a bright future for everyone involved with HIU. We strive to prepare students to become global citizens and achieve excellence in everything we do.


HIU is committed to delivering the best possible learning experience for students. Observing close ties with industry we maintain an innovative focus on delivering real-world curriculum that encourages students problem solving skills and building resources drawn from relevant experience. Here, we look on applied higher education as a life-changing journey that leads every student to the rewards of their own chosen careers and a fulfilled life.

We are here to transform lives, meet needs and build vocations. This mission underpins all that we do. It is my honour to share our dreams and vision with you today.

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