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The BRIDGE Research Project 

Belt Road Initiative - Developing Graduate Employability
The BRIDGE Research Project aims to be the largest gap analysis of graduate skills in Belt Road Initiative countries. The research will benefit graduate employability across borders, improve intercultural understanding, greater communication and understanding of reciprocal objectives for all partners. 
The BRIDGE Research project is a consortium of international universities coming together to support the research. Lead universities are Heilongjiang International University, China and Lincoln University, UK. The project is also supported by Heilongjiang Education Bureau, Student Employability Department.  

Formal unveiling ceremony for the BRIDGE Research project, May 2019

Keynote Speech, Network of International Business Schools Conference - How to Understand China's Belt and Road Initiative. Right to left: Dr Debbie Lock, Lincoln University, Professor JIANG Shixue, China Academy of Social Sciences, and Lara Martin, Heilongjiang International University 

Belt Road Initiative - BRI 

"Yi Dai Yi Lu", One Belt One Road, now named Belt Road Initiative is a global spanning international co-operation project considered as the 21st century silk road, which includes both land and shipping lanes. 

By the end of March the Chinese government had signed 173 cooperation agreements with 125 countries and 29 international organizations. Specifically, the six major corridors for international economic cooperation – the New Eurasian Land Bridge, China-Mongolia-Russia, China-Central Asia-West Asia, China-Indochina Peninsula, China-Pakistan, and Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar economic corridors – link the Asian and European economic circles together.


Formal Chinese report on BRI 2019. 


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BRIDGE Meeting - 09:00 BST 28 June

There is a consortium meeting on Friday 28 June at 9am BST via Skype, please email Lara Martin for a Skype invite, email address: lara.martin@hiu.net.cn