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Teach in Harbin 

We currently have two types of posts; 

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Language Teachers We are currently looking for English, French, German and Spanish language teachers. Please click here for further information. 

Language Team Leader (French and Spanish)

We are currently looking for teachers of English, Spanish, French and German. We expect teachers to fulfill a maximum of 20 hours per week with evenings & weekends off and paid holidays, We offer a competitive salary of RMB 7000 per month plus free accommodation. 

We are always looking for enthusiastic and talented teaching staff. Teaching at HIU is a rewarding experience giving you excellent opportunities to travel and enjoy China. 


Harbin is located in Chin's northeastern Heilongjiang (Black Dragon River) Province, Which is most northerly of China's provinces and borders Russia and Mongolia. Harbin is the provincial capital, a 2 hour flight or a 9 - hour express train ride from Beijing.

Heilongjiang International University (HIU) has celebrated over 25 years of delivering excellent education. Rated 3rd amongst private foreign language universities in China and overall 40th amongst private universities, HIU is proud of it's achievement.


Our focus is preparing students to become global citizens of the future. We receive strong local industry, government and community support in delivering excellent education.


HIU is situated in historic Harbin, the capital of the Heilongjiang Province. Harbin has been influenced by many cultures through-out the years which is reflected in our impressive architecture.

Steven Lv is the contact person for teacher recruitment, please contact him on lvwenpeng@hiu.edu.cn, Tel.+86 451 88121234