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HIU in Harbin International Fashion Week

January 20, 2017

From January 12 to January 16th 2017, the translation team from HIU, including 11 teachers and 7 students all from English Department, joined in the overall translation process during Harbin International Fashion Week, which is one of the grandest events held in Heilongjiang.  The translation group, headed by Miss Zhang Hongjia, were all fully engaged in liaisons and coordination and finally they successfully completed their missions during those impressive fashion events.


Over 120 fashion designers were invited to the fashion week, who came from 34 countries and regions, such as Britain, the United States, France, Germany and Italy. They gathered in Harbin for creating the new fashion fantasy in a venue at 45 degrees north latitude. At the same time, the fashion pageant was also immediately spotlighted and featured by such popular media as QQLIVE, Letv, iQIYI, Youku and other broadcasting platforms. Furthermore, all sessions of the fashion shows were broadcast live throughout the world on QQLIVE. And this fashion week was more brilliant with the participation of Bazaar.


At sunrise, in freezing cold, all the members in this group had already rushed to the site, starting their busy translation journey for the whole day, and very often, their working day extended until 3 o’clock in the next morning. During the time, their translating and coordinating efforts contributed to the effective communications between the organizers and the designers in their outfitting, rehearsals and the catwalk shows. During six days’ Fashion week, the HIU translation group, were highly regarded by the sponsors and foreign guests for their dedication and diligence.


The translation team from HIU, much bigger than last year, were manifesting the demeanour of HIU when they made their due contributions to the success of the fashion week. Their excellent performances were demonstrated in their coordinating and translating jobs while meeting up the guests at the airport, helping guests while checking-in at the hotel, making clothes fittings, setting up make-ups, doing rehearsals and catwalk shows. They also did professionally in interpreting for the designers who explained their concepts and inspirations of their designs at the interviews, and in the following days, they nicely introduced the guests to the local delicacies, the city history and the local customs. In fact, these translators not only bridged up the gap between the two sides for good communication, but also, to some extent, they played  other roles, such as coordinators, assistants and English tour guides. They joined in the event with great honor, full passion, hearty involvement and a sense of mission, which are all considered as the unique spirits of HIU.


The international fashion week has wrapped up. The HIU translation team has reaped a lot and come back in glory! These unforgettable experiences have helped both the teachers and students boost their English. In addition, students also learned more from both translating themselves and watching the teachers doing interpreting jobs on the spot. More importantly, they began to know more profoundly about seizing the opportunity of learning, and practicing what they have learned.


A long distance never separates bosom friends. This international fashion week offered us a golden opportunity, which has integrated Class Teaching with their outdoor social and cultural activities; All the teachers and students have always been making efforts for a prosperous  future of HIU. Each HIU member is very proud of growing up and developing with HIU.


With the achievements from the Fashion Week as the golden beginning of the new year, let us join hands and move forward together to usher in the vigorous journey of 2017.



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