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"The world is a book, and those who do not travel only read a page"

Saint Augustine

Students at HIU are actively encouraged to study abroad as part of their study at undergraduate level. 


Students can choose from the following options from around the world:


Study at our School of International Business and Trade (SIBT) 

For talented HIU students


HIU’s School of International Business and Trade (SIBT)

offers a world-class, 4-year, full-time IB major taught in English and

designed to prepare talented HIU students

with promising career aspirations,

and a clear international orientation.


SIBT’s Bachelor of International Business is the perfect degree

that opens the door for a career without borders.


With us, you can learn

how to conduct business around the globe

or succeed at multinational companies within China.

International Business BA degree

The Management Bachelor Degree in International Business

prepares you for a managerial position

in an international business environment.

But you can still keep the original language studies

and specialisations you started with.

In that case, 

SIBT will just offer you

the extra international business modules and opportunities.

We have secured excellent industry engagement,

exciting international weeks in Harbin or overseas,

and a guaranteed study-abroad or industry placement.


With our modern skill-based teaching methods,

our tailored line-up of specialisations

and our carefully selected foreign professors,

SIBT can truly make you ready for the world!

Just ask us now

We welcome you to join us at SIBT

starting this September.


Let us explain to you how

you can keep your own language major,

and still get full access to SIBT’s international talent track classes.


Don't miss the deadline,

send us an email now,

or drop by at our desk in HIU’s library building,

or simply ask us on WeChat.

Our knowledgeable staff is there to help.

Mail: liudongxue@hiu.net.cn,

WeChat (and phone number): 13845190592, 

Office: HIU Library first floor, Area B, SIBT Faculty Office


Did you know

that language constitutes only 8% of all professional communication?

What will you do for the other 92%?

For the most talented HIU students,

SIBT is meant as our Elite School,

helping our best students to prepare for

working at international companies within China,

or following an international business career path.

So, in our lessons,

we want to teach you exactly what is necessary for that:

Hands-on learning,

Global team skills,

Belt-Road live-experiences

and we try to select fascinating teachers

from around the world.

SIBT students have the highest scores,

and we will help you to get better.


At SIBT, we also care about your career.


You will get personal career coaching every semester

to help you reach the path you want.


Finding information,

preparing yourself

and reaching your goals.

SIBT is so much more than just lessons and exams.

I really hope you want to know more about us.


I here invite you to contact my colleagues,

send us an email,

drop by at the library building SIBT office,

or ask us on WeChat.

邮箱: liudongxue@hiu.net.cn,

微信(电话): 138 45190592,



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