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Experience China, learn Mandarin, be hosted with a partner university.  Heilongjiang International University are offering generous scholarships for the 2017 Summer in China study scheme.


Heilongjiang International University (HIU) is a leading private university in Harbin, in the North East of China. HIU has celebrated over 25 years of delivering excellent education. Rated 3rd amongst private foreign language universities in China and overall 33rd amongst private universities, HIU is proud of it's achievement. 


Our focus is preparing students to become global citizens of the future. We receive strong local industry, government and community support in delivering excellent education. 


HIU is situated in historic Harbin, the capital of the Heilongjiang Province. Harbin has been influenced by many cultures throughout the years which is reflected in our impressive architecture. Harbin has a reputation for it’s standard mandarin pronouciation, a great place to learn Mandarin. 


What is included in the scholarship?

Students from partner universities will receive free language tuition and cultural activities. Accommodation and food on campus is free as part of the scholarship. Students will have to pay for their return international flight to Harbin, their tourist visa and travel insurance.



Students are advised to apply for a tourism visa for this short course, additional travel will be allowed prior to and after the course.


Application and registration 

Students must gain permission from their home institution prior to application. We are accepting expressions of interest at this moment, and will starting accepting applications in Sepetmber 2016. 


We are in planning at the moment for this great event, the provisional programme will be ready in September 2016. 

International Student Summer Festival

Harbin, China

Mid- July 2017, 2 week programme (date to be confirmed)