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Courses offered to International Students

Studying at HIU is life-time experience, you are assured of a warm welcome, the opportunity to learn or improve your Mandarin, make friends and understand so much more about modern and ancient Chinese culture. HIU has been welcoming international students for over 20 years and we would love to welcome you to join us! 

The courses below are designed for international students and you can find essential information about accommodation, visas, food and costs in our International Student Guide. 

Study Abroad in China - Business in China Pathway 

Semester 1 option: September  - January

Semester 2 option: March - June

30 European Credit Transfer Scheme (ECTS)

Course taught in English

The Study Abroad programme at HIU gives students the opportunity to study Mandarin and the prestigious HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi - the Chinese Language Proficiency qualification). The programme also offers students the opportunity to gain a real understanding of Chinese business, organisational behaviour and marketing. Students will then apply this learning on a real business problem with a Chinese company for two weeks.  

Summer in China

Mid July 2018

Scholarship available to cover tuition, accommodation and food

Course taught in English but there are speakers of most European and East Asian languages available at HIU

The International Student Festival is a two week programme designed to give students a great introduction to China with all the support of a friendly and supportive partner university. The programme covers basic mandarin and an eye opening introduction to the many aspects of Chinese culture, both modern and ancient. 

Mandarin language qualification option - if you wish to study and sit the level 1 HSK exam you can choose to stay for 4 weeks, it will be intensive study but you will have a language qualification to show for your hard work. The HSK, Hanyu Shuipin Kaoshi, is the Chinese official language proficiency exam, levels 1-6. HIU is accredited test centre and has a large team of HSK teachers.

Admission - How to make an application

1) Application Form - please download via the link
2) Copy of Passport  - personal information page
3) Graduation certificate or diploma, or certificate of student status of student’s Home University 
4) Academic Transcript 
5) HSK Certificate or other language certificate if you have one
6) Physical Examination Record for Foreigner
7) Non-criminal Record Certificate 
8) 1 photo in colour 3×4cm attached to the application form

Please send the application documents by fax +86-451-88121234 or by email to  ligang@hiu.edu.cn (Peter Li, International Student Officer) 

Once we have received and approved your application form we will issue you an admission letter and JW202 form, both documents are required for your visa application. 


Applying for your student visa

It is the student's responsibility to apply and secure a Chinese study visa. The applicant proceeds to the Chinese embassy or consulate in his or her country to apply for an X visa for studying in China. When applying the student visa, the applicant should bring such relevant documents as our letter of acceptance, Form JW 202 and Physical Examination Record. 



Email Peter Li, ligang@hiu.edu.cn (Peter Li, International Student Officer) with a request for an application form once you get your students visa. 



We offer airport or railway station pick-up service. When you need such service, please inform our international office via email or fax of your flight or train details 7 days prior to your arrival. Students should arrive at our university at certain dates and register on a stipulated date and pay relevant fees. When to submit an application To apply for a spring course, you need to make an application between January 1 and February 15 each year. To apply for an autumn course, you need to make an application between May 20 and August 20 each yea


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