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About us

Established in 1993, Heilongjiang International University (HIU) is a private university focusing on languages and communication.

HIU ranks as the No. 2 private university for foreign languages in China and the leading private university in the province of Heilongjiang.

Amongst all private universities nationally, HIU ranks No. 24. 


HIU has 11 schools, 25 bachelor degree programmes with 9,400 students and 537 full-time teachers. Our latest students satisfaction rates for 2018 were 93%, well above the national average.  And our employability rate was also 93%. 

1)    English 

2)    Russian 

3)    Japanese 

4)    French 

5)    Spanish 

6)    German 

7)    Italian 

8)    Arabic 

9)    Translation 

10)    Business English 

11)    Korean 

12)    Chinese language and Literature 

13)    International Chinese Education 

14)    Broadcasting and Hosting 

15)    Environmental Art 

16)    Visual Communication Design 

17)    Animation 

18)    International Economy and Trade 

19)    Marketing 

20)    Finance Management 

21)    Human Resources Management

22)    Hospitality Management 

23)    Computer Science and Technology

24)    Digital Media Technology 

25)    Electronic Commerce

HIU has a strong emphasis on delivering education with an international perspective. HIU’s academic team has 200 staff who have learning and work experiences from abroad and 62 teachers are from overseas. International training opportunities are provided for staff, for example the British Certificate of Higher Education from the UK Higher Education Academy. 


In the last two years over 1,000 students have gone abroad to study or work in internships or employment with one of HIU’s 91 partners in 21 countries. 

HIU is a recognised language testing centre for a number of foreign language examinations and a proud member of international alliances and networks. 

Foreign language centres


•    TestDaf (German)

•    London Chamber of Commerce and Industry 

•    Cambridge Assessment English 

•    HSK International Chinese Language Proficiency Test

•    DELI (Spanish)

•    CELI (Italian)

•    Russian language test from Pushkin University


International alliances


•    Network of International Business Schools

•    International Association of University Presidents

•    University Association of China Northeast and Russian Far East and SIberia

•    Association for Career and Technical Education 

•    Association of Asian Universities


HIU has 7 Confucius Classrooms in London which it supports with Chinese language and culture teaching. 


HIU take great pride in their students who have won over 2,000 prizes and awards in recent years, at the provincial, national and international levels. 

9,400 students
International University Partnerships
academic schools
Partner Countries
graduate employment
International Networks
teaching staff
(500 international staff over the last ten years)
International Examinations Centres
2 million
library books, 25,000 online resources
Students studied overseas
(over the last 3 years)